004: Against The Moon

A poem about wanting to be with someone you can't, yet knowing that no matter when and where you are, you can always share the moon.


I want to watch the moon with you because it’s something pure and true
And if it should ever fail to rise, I’ll wait with you and watch the skies
That first night we never knew, what would come and what would do
But naïve ways once held untrue, brought truth to youth and came unglued

Wishing stars, wish to give, all we take that we must live
I wish that I could burn so bright, granting wishes through the night

They say the sun will set, the moon will rise, to never challenge, nor surprise
Things are what they are, will be what they’ll be, to never expect differently

Things never change, things never move; set will the sun, rise will the moon.

I want to watch the moon with you and dance in black and shades of blue
I want to hold your face to mine, against the odds in spite of time
Rough and tumble, thick and thin, rich or poor, loss or win
I wonder if love is true, do people bet against the moon?

Across each other we start to smile, lips separate and reconcile
We come together fingers graze, celestial bodies set ablaze
Oceans apart or by my side, should paths diverge or worlds collide
All the feelings, all the sights, will stay with us throughout the night

When there’s nothing left for us to see, I’ll show you more and you’ll show me
The lowest lows, the highest highs, until we settle in our eyes
Our lids will close, our hearts will sync, and then we’ll travel in our dreams
Your hand in mine, our breath now shared, we watch the skies, no longer scared

I want to watch the moon with you, because it’s something pure and true
But when the moon forgets just what to do, I’ll be with you to watch that too

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Eric Barry