Pringles wanted a unique way to earn media during the fall season. We knew that Pringles had a remarkable ability to re-create distinctively accurate flavors in its crisps, from Sriracha to Honey Mustard, Sugar Cookie to Ramen, but that knowledge wasn't known to the public in any broad sense. So we wanted to make a splash and bring that knowledge to life in a relevant, engaging way.

That's when we decided to create individual crisps centered around the flavor profiles of a Thanksgiving meal, and then package those crisps in a classic TV dinner-style tray. 100 trays were made and then sent to various media outlets and influencers.

pringles dinner.jpg
Pringles tray back.jpg

The media loved it, with Pringles Thanksgiving garnering a billion+ impressions. Late show hosts, broadcast news, celebrities, and the like all weighed in on the ready-to-eat Thanksgiving meals Pringles had prepared.