Sex Educator Charlie Glickman

Charlie Glickman Full Disclosure Eric Barry

Every week we're going to be highlighting a person, place, book, or all around cool thing we like over here at Full Disclosure.

For our first week we're looking at sexologist, author, and PhD Charlie Glickman.

Charlie has been a guest on the show before, and is one of the sweetest and most sexually knowledgeable educators we've ever had on. You can purchase Charlie's latest book The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure and get tons more of his sex geekery by following him on Twitter.

I caught up with Charlie recently and thought I'd ask some more lighthearted questions we haven't covered in our interviews.

EB: How long have you been working as a sex educator?

CG: I got my start as a sex educator in 1990, when I joined the LGBT student group on my college campus. I quickly discovered that people had lots of questions about safer sex, relationships, and sexuality, so I learned as much as I could. My first paying job as a sex educator happened in 1996, when I was hired at Good Vibrations. Since then, I've taught workshops, seminars, and university courses, got my PhD in Adult Sexuality Education, and become a sex & relationship coach

EB: What's been the most personally enlightening thing you've learned regarding sex education?

CG: No matter how much learn about sexuality and relationships, people still surprise me with the things they discover. It's pretty amazing- people are endlessly inventive when it comes to sex, so that means that we always have new things to learn and to try. Plus, our sexual desires change over time, so there's plenty to discover, no matter how much we think we know.

EB: Favorite thing about the Bay Area?

CG: I love the people here. There are many communities and social groups here that create amazing events and gatherings. There's just lots of fun stuff to do here. :-)

EB: Least favorite thing about the Bay Area?

CG: It's an expensive place to live.

EB: Was there a particular moment when you consciously realized your own sexuality?

CG: Hmm… I'm not sure. I've always been willing to explore and experiment, so I've tried lots of different things.

EB: What's been the most satisfying moment of your career?

CG: I had a moment a few years ago when I realized that, given how many people I've spoken with and coached, there's someone out there right now who's having better sex or a more satisfying relationship because of something I said to them. That's pretty awesome.

EB: Favorite drink?

CG: Macallan 18 year scotch. It tastes like a silk G-string after you've been dancing and dirty talking with each other all night.

EB: Work is done, we've achieved world peace, and poverty is non-existent. What do you do?

CG: I'm still going to be helping people discover new ways to enjoy sex, increase pleasure, and have happier relationships.

EB: Favorite part on your partner's body and why?

CG: Whichever part makes them shiver in anticipation when it's touched. For obvious reasons.