WATCH: Crazy Rhubarb Lady is the Best Thing You'll See on the Internet Today, Bitch.

crazy Rhubarb lady full disclosure eric barryThe Gregory Brothers have some work to do. That's because The Rhubarb Lady has taken over the internet. The video, which posted to Reddit yesterday, features Mimi Bobeck doing her best Cartman as she ferociously hunts for truffles rhubarb in her neighbor's front yard.

Throughout her expletive-laden tirade, she insists that she has every right to the neighbor's rhubarb, attempts to hit the person videoing the incident, and then advises the neighbor to "go back inside and have some coffee, you're drunk and you're stoned."

Sidenote: I know nothing about rhubarb. It's for making pies, right? And why does it take over four minutes to dig that shit up?