Man Who Has Surgery to Remove 132 lb. Scrotum Now Left With 1 Inch Penis

Wesley Warren Scrotum Full Disclosure One Inch Penis There are some article topics sent my way where I think, 'Yeah. Let's make that funny.' And there are others where all I can do is say 'fuuuuck.'

In the case of Wesley Warren Jr. it's the latter. Wesley, a resident of Las Vegas, NV, had been diagnosed with a condition called scrotal lymphedema (which can ultimately manifest as elephantiasis), which has resulted in him having a 132lb. scrotum roughly the size of 10 bowling balls. Doctors estimated that Warren's scrotum was growing at a rate of at least 3 lbs. per month.

Warren believes the condition is a result of an injury he sustained in 2008 when his right leg accidentally slammed down onto his testicles in bed. 

TLC began filming a special about Wesley last year, following his struggles to walk, use the bathroom, and pursue effective medical treatment (it's nice to see TLC being a place we can learn something again). A clip from the special which airs Monday Aug. 19 is below:

Holy crap. That guy (and his nurse attendant) have some of the best attitudes ever. He literally uses his balls as a table. That is one way to impress a lady at dinner.

ALSO HIS BALLS WEAR A HOODIE. I bet there's a guy in Florida who could get rid of those things, no problem.

But it seems like Warren's positive attitude is about to be tested all over again. Warren just underwent a massive 13 hour surgery here in California to remove most of his scrotal tissue.

But unfortunately, when Warren woke up he discovered he was left with a one inch penis.

"What came out of surgery is a nub an inch long and it doesn't get any larger. I'm grateful to have been pulled out of the fire, but now I'm still disfigured," Warren said in an interview with The Sun.

This is one of those stories where I want to say, "Hey, it's okay. Everything's going to be okay, and women don't value penis size all that much." But as a fellow concerned-sizer (one who was recently told by a girl he's dating that his penis was below-average [and she's seen enough]), it's pretty hard for me to fathom how this doesn't add a whole new complication to what has been Warren's already painfully unique situation.

Forgive the pun, but Warren has balls bigger than I could ever hope for. And he's still a romantic at heart, as was evidenced from his interview with The Sun.

"I do want to be loved one day," Warren said. "But I need to go through the recovery process which will take some time."

Goddamit. After that tearjerker I need something to cleanse the palette.