New Study: Orgasms Are Better For the Brain Than Crosswords

orgasm barry Komisaruk full disclosure Looking to increase your brain power? Well it might be time to put that crossword down and pick up that vibrator.

Research shows that achieving orgasm helps increase blood flow and activity across the brain, unlike puzzles which only activate localized regions according to The Daily Mail. The findings come from Rutgers University professor Barry Komisaruk, who inspired by the work of every other college freshmen at the time, began studying female arousal in the 1960's.


Komisaruk first began publishing his work on the interconnectivity of the brain and female orgasm a decade ago. Women who participated in the study at the Rutger's Department of Psychology had blood flow measured to the brain as they achieved orgasm.

"At orgasm we see a tremendous increase in the blood flow [to the brain]. So my belief is it can’t be bad. It brings all the nutrients and oxygenation to the brain,’ Komisaruk said.

While the measurements of blood flow across the entire brain were generally consistent, Komisaruk noted that some women had no increased blood flow at the reported time of orgasm, despite "being really, really into it." Komisaruk continued, "Like, I could tell this was probably one of the best studies she'd ever experienced."

The reports of the study have brought new hope to those communities particularly at risk for degenerative brain diseases."The reality of Alzheimer's has always been a very scary thing for me. It's encouraging to know that we're discovering more and more advanced ways to fight things like that," said my jerking off grandpa.

So if you're looking for a complex mental workout that involves filling all the right spaces, there are alternatives to sudoku.