VIDEO: Man Gets Rejected Asking 100 Different Women to Sleep With Him

100 woman drink throwing face sex whatever

If you haven't seen it already, the Youtube pranksters over at Whatever released a video of an attractive man going around the Santa Barbara area asking 100 random women right out of the gate if they'd like to have sex.

In the video the man shows no discernment for the women he approaches, including those with boyfriends, mothers and daughters, groups of women, etc. At one point he even gets a drink thrown in his face. Also, I've never lived in a beach town (San Francisco is more of a broken glass and peacoat town), but what do you even call what those women are wearing at the 5:30 mark?

As you might expect, 0/100 women accept the man's offer. Despite the videos lighthearted nature, I actually have a number of criticisms about his approach as well as what it may be saying to men and women, which I'll write about this coming week.

Conversely, you can watch what happens when an attractive woman asks random men if they'd like to have sex. "Hold on Mom, I'm gonna have to call you right back," is definitely the best reaction.

Note that there's an additional video which seems to give more accurate results (that is men actually rejecting the woman, for reasons I'll also detail in the forthcoming article).

Until then, enjoy your weekend and see if you can be a little more forward with a prospective partner.