Arizona Man Drugs Woman and Brands Initials Into Her Vagina, Claiming He Owns It

branding iron Christopher Jackson Girlfriend

The battle between Arizona and Florida for Worst Places to Live rages on!

This week Arizona makes a strong showing with Christopher Lynn Jackson, who was arrested after allegedly drugging his girlfriend and then branding his initials into her "vaginal area". When the woman came to, Jackson told her that "her vagina was his". This totally trumps my leaving a hickey on the inner thigh move.

The incident occurred back in May, but the woman only recently reported it to police, who say that the letters "C" and "J" can still clearly be seen on the woman's genitals. Court documents state that Jackson bragged to his then-girlfriend about having done the same to other women. Way to make a girl feel special.

christopher-lynn-jackson branding

The incident happened after Jackson allegedly took the woman out to a baseball game. The two had planned to go out dancing afterward, but when the woman claimed she was tired (baseball puts me to sleep too), Jackson offered to give her some "energy pills" to liven her up. The pills, however, appeared to be sedatives, and she fell asleep. When the woman came-to she felt an excruciating pain. Jackson was between her legs with branding equipment and a butane torch. That's not something they teach you in metal shop.

Police were issued a warrant and say that the woman's claims were substantiated upon searching Jackson's home (I'm guessing Jackson isn't a blacksmith). He was booked and charged with with aggravated assult with serious physical injury.

A neighbor of Jackson told KSAZ Fox, "I've lived here next to him for 12 years and he always seemed like a normal, calm guy."