BREAKING: Second Kink Performer Tests Positive for HIV

Rod Daily Twitter Kink HIV It's been a rough few weeks for the porn industry, in particular San Francisco-based production company

[FULL DISCLOSURE: I consider the people of Kink to be friends of the show/site. Many Kink performers have appeared on the podcast, I'm personally friends with performers, and I have a business-friendly relationship with their corporate office.]

A second performer who works with Kink has tested positive for HIV. Adult performer Rod Daily took to his Twitter yesterday to announce his positive status:

Two weeks ago performer Cameron Bay, who also shot with Kink, tested positive for HIV. Daily works regularly as a performer in gay productions, and is in an off-screen relationship with Bay. It's speculated that Daily contracted the virus off set, in turn passing it onto Bay. No instances of the virus are believed to have been transmitted on set to any performers.

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Kink chief executive and founder Peter Acworth told the Associated Press that all performers who shot with Bay and Daily have been confirmed negative in their tests following a voluntary moratorium issued by the Free Speech Coalition. The FSC is responsible for testing performers across the entire adult industry, keeping meticulous records of their results in order to prevent infections and contain outbreaks should they occur. Industry standards have performers tested every 28 days, but the FSC is considering increasing protocol to every 14 days. FSC testing procedures work by detecting the HIV viral load itself rather than antibodies produced by the immune system, meaning that results are accurate for any possible exposure to the virus that occurred more than 2-3 weeks prior.

For a gut-wrenching look at Daily's very public  discovery of his status, be sure to check out his twitter feed @Rod_Daily. Despite the exceptional fear and heartache he must be going through, he's processing it all with maturity and grace, stating that he's thankful that the virus was detected early. Daily also said that he plans on leaving the adult industry.

Stay safe, kids.