Man on Phone With Customer Service Releases All The Universe's Rage

man screaming on phone Sometimes, you just need a good scream. And sometimes, when you're on the phone with Comcast customer support, you need to let the pure fury course through your veins until you're sure you've reduced the person on the other of the phone to a pitiful nothing.

The customer in the call below isn't unleashing his own ire, but the collective frustration of anyone who's ever shouted in desperation "HOW MANY SUPERVISORS DO YOU WANT ME TO SPEAK TO THAT CAN'T HELP ME?"

The video was posted to Reddit by a former employee of the company, who said the following:

I'm a little paranoid that I'll get in trouble if they find out. I don't work for them anymore, but I might be breaking some type of law. So, I don't want to say who.

edit: More information: The call happened about 4 years ago. Mark, the customer service rep, no longer works for the company. Allegedly, the company took some type of legal action against the customer and now he can't call the company anymore.The call started being circulated through my department and the company used their magic to delete it from everyone's email, so I don't think they'd be happy that I still have it.

I'll admit, I've never worked in a call center before and thus I've never had to deal with an asshole like myself. But it seems like half the game here is making the customer service experience so frustrating for the customer that they elect to just give up and never rectify their situation.

I used to work for a big advertising agency who had Comcast for a client. Comcast knew that they had a reputation as being the worst customer service support, period. But rather than put efforts in to change that, there were specific meetings held about changing the name of Comcast's customer-facing services to Xfinity, precisely so people simply wouldn't know they were buying Comcast services.

So when you're being beaten and robbed, sometimes kicking and screaming while it's happening is a completely reasonable response.