San Francisco Man Grows Renewable Beard Bowl You Can Eat Out Of

isaiah webb incredibeard fries burgerA 29-year-old San Franciscan man is gaining international fame after photos of him and his insanely versatile beard began appearing all over the interwebs. isaiah webb incredibeard facebook

Isaiah Webb, who goes by the pseudonym Mr. Incredibeard, has been uploading pics of his testosterone outpourings since early 2012. Over the last year he steadily gained traction on sites like Reddit, Instagram, and Tumblr. Though speaking with Mashable, Webb gives all the credit to his wife:

I actually have a wife — sorry, ladies. She was really the one that kept pushing me to grow a beard, then to grow it out long. She is at the heart of Incredibeard. I may come up with the different beard design ideas, but she is the one that styles everything. She brings the beard art to life. Incredibeard would be nothing without her.

It just goes to show, you stick with anything long enough and it pays off. I don't know what you're doing with your time as an unemployed San Franciscan, but I suspect my Instagram videos of me jerking off are going to take off any day now.

And at least Webb put some beard, sweat and tears into something tangible. The Bay Area's entire economy is based on vaporware and infinite software goods - but this is one man, one beard - so at least he has economic theories of sustainability behind him.

isaiah webb incredibeard stairs

A video of Webb eating ramen noodles with sriracha out of his beard has been called the most-hipster-thing-ever, but I think more than anything it's the most San Francisco thing ever. You have a beard so impractical it becomes practical, asian noodles, sriracha, and renewable dishware. The photo even earned him some FREE sriracha. That's a win all around.

Now if you don't mind me, I need to get back to that Instagram account.