Third Adult Performer Tests Positive for HIV; All Industry Productions Shut Down

Blood-HIV-Test-Porn As we reported Wednesday, two adult performers have tested positive for HIV within weeks of each other. Well it now appears that a third performer has tested positive for HIV, causing another industry-wide moratorium on production.

According to AVN (NSFW-ish), the Free Speech Coalition (the porn industry's equivalent to a union) and PASS (the organization responsible for testing and keeping track of all adult industry STI records), a PASS-affiliated doctor made the initial report.

Yesterday evening the following statement was released from FSC/PASS:

Today, FSC/PASS was informed by one of the doctors affiliated with one of the PASS provider testing facilities that another performer has tested positive for HIV. As a result of this news, FSC is calling a moratorium on all production until further notice. ... While we don't have evidence to suggest an on set transmission as opposed to a transmission from non-industry (off-camera) related activity, we are taking every measure to determine the source and to protect the performer pool. The cost of retests required for generational partners will be covered by FSC/PASS. It should be noted that the last moratorium was lifted contingent on mandatory retesting after August 19th which exceeded the window period recommended by the PASS medical advisory council. ... Dr. Darcy stated, 'Because of these precautionary steps, the performer who has now tested positive for HIV, had not performed since BEFORE the first moratorium and was prevented from performing due to the required retest. Therefore, no performers were exposed to a new risk of on-set transmission as a result of this latest case, or Ms. [Cameron] Bay's infection.

The performer in question has not been identified, but the fact that no new infections could have occurred on-set from the infected performer is good news. And while everyone,including Aids Healthcare Foundation CEO and porn frowny-pants Michael Weinstein will be quick to say that these are the inevitable dangers that come with filming condomless porn, the reality is that pornographic productions remain one of the safest places to have sex. Prior to these three performers, there have been two cases of adult performers contracting HIV since 2008. By contrast, over 6,000 cases of HIV were documented since 2008 in LA County alone. And it's worth noting that the two performers who did contract HIV did not contract it on-set, as is believed to be the same for these three most recent infected performers.

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The reason it's so much safer to have sex in porn is because of the rigorous testing (every 28 days, though the FSC is considering moving this to every 14 days).

If you're looking to bone this weekend, why not also do yourself a favor and get tested? Most major cities have clinics which offer free walk-in testing, including condoms and other reproductive health services.

And get tested more than once in your life. I've met way too many women who when I've asked them if they've been tested have responded "yes", but when I press them further reveal that  it was actually years ago. If you're having sex regularly you should really be getting tested every three months.

So get tested and you too could start fucking like a porn star!