VIDEO: A Young White Woman, Fire, and the Perfect Twerking Epic Fail

Epic Twerk Fail Girl White Fire

There has been much ado about twerking lately.  I personally don't care whether or not someone chooses to stick their tongue out and shake their ass on national TV - if they're having a good time, good for them. And the fact that whether or not that "qualifies" as twerking rose to the fore of our national dialogue says much more about our priorities as a country than it does a 20-year-old pop star.

Why twerking seems to have made a resurgence (many believe it's rooted in traditional African dance, and its pop culture references date back at least 20 years) the last year is beyond me, but maybe bringing back culture from the 90's is the next wave of hipster nouveau.

But what I do know is that the video below is kinda terrifying, but mostly hilarious:

The vanity of recording yourself, the suburban commitment to co-opting a cultural meme, every thing this young woman wants us to take seriously about her goes up in scented candle flames, yoga pants and all.

Remember, unattended twerking candles are the number one cause of household fires. Now shake it.