VIDEO: Couple 69's While Doing Wheelie on Motorcycle Because 'MERICA!!!

69 motorcycle wheelie funnyEvery man knows that when a pack of motorcycles ostentatiously rides by without regard for traffic or pedestrians, revving their engines and setting off car alarms, women totally want to blow that pack of motorcyclists.

Which is why one woman couldn't even wait till her man got off the freeway before assuming the position and 69'ing him. Because whenever I've been 69'ing with someone my first thought has always been, 'How can we make this more uncomfortable?'

Honestly, the most impressive thing about this video is that those guys are wearing helmets. It's good to make sure you're being safe when you're about to attack a young family in their car:

Happy Friday America! Now go ride your hog to Walmart and buy some guns to shoot into a pile of McRibs.