VIDEO: Polish Backup Band's Incredible Fail on Live TV

Patty Polish Guitar Can't Play Lipsync I don't know anything about Polish music except that in order to play it you apparently have to be an insanely hot model who can't actually play it.

At least that's what happened on a live TV broadcast of Poland's popular morning show Dzień Dobry TVN ("The Sausage Life TVN") when pop star Patty debuted her new song Krzyk ("The Boy Gets Moody and Shouts") recently and it became VERY apparent that her backup band had absolutely no clue how to play their instruments.

Look at those ladies! The only time you see them emote is when it seems painfully obvious even to them that no one's buying their act. It's like all their personality was surgically removed and replaced with Botox.

According to the backup members are actually Polish models who were hired to perform behind Patty, probably to make the studio production of the song seem more... organic.

I have no issue with electronic music or using technology to heighten the quality of music - but that needs to be embraced by the performers. I've never understood trying to sell the studio produced elements of a performance as anything other than such. Some of the coolest performances happen when groups like M83 or Muse embrace that which they cannot replicate on stage in favor of heightening other aspects.

Maybe this is just another case of a shitty morning show forcing an actually talented performer to lipsync, as Muse has been NOTORIOUSLY adamant to "comply" with, opting to lambast those who've demanded as much (spend some fun time on YouTube looking up those videos or just watch below).

By contrast, watch every painfully earnest attempt at lipsyncing by Lorde - who I'm a huge fan of, bee tee dubs - but who'd be much better off singing a real version of Royals live rather than one that's "radio perfect".

For those interested, supposedly this is the direct feed from the Patty performance, which still sounds better than any Patrice Wilson song I've heard.

MODELS??? How hard can it be to find people who can actually play guitar or piano? Have they even looked at half the people on OkCupid?

[S/O to Brian Gilmore of Ranker for the tip]