Full Disclosure Named "Best Sex-Positive Podcast" By The Chicago Reader

Eric Barry Good news, everyone! Full Disclosure was just named "Best Sex-Positive Podcast" in the 2015 Chicago Reader "Best Of" issue.

The annual issue is a collection of reader voted and editor selected "best of" cultural happenings around Chicago. I'm definitely flattered, and the writeup they provided is far more accurate in articulately just what the show is than I could ever be. Part of the writeup is below, or you can click here for the full article.

Full Disclosure doesn’t just talk about sex, baby. Raw, raunchy, and touching, the local podcast takes an intelligent and humorous approach to discussing all things between the sheets, in dungeons, and in the news. ... Beyond all the laughs and some cringe-worthy disclosures, the shows are refreshingly frank discussions anchored by a positive outlook, one in which sex—in all its multifarious forms—is seen as a force for good, not something to be whispered about.

Thanks to all the listeners for tuning in, and here's to another year of rod-in-peehole sex-positivity.