Swedish Lawmaker Accidentally Instagrams Picture of His Meatballs

Lars Ohly Swedish Chef Tattoo Full DisclosureLars Ohly, the former head of Sweden's Left Party, made news this week when he accidentally Instagramed a photo of his bits and pieces to his followers. According to the AP, Ohly wanted to show off his new tattoo but was apparently unaware that more than just his cock was showing.

Ohly was good natured about the whole incident. After he quickly removed the photo, he later told The Local, "It's not very embarrassing, really." Later adding, "Oh, how many new followers I've got on Instagram today (and how disappointed they're going to be)."


For a 58 year old former politician, this guy seems exceptionally cool. Can you imagine a lawmaker in the United States using Instagram to show off a tattoo, accidentally taking a picture of their junk, and then quickly moving on to joke about the whole thing? I guess we have this.